Why Choose Saffron Road

Welcome to the Saffron Road. We think you’ll love being along for the journey.

Our purpose is to inspire people, and to connect cultures through a shared love of and passion for world cuisines. Our brand promise is that all of Saffron Road’s premium food products are ethically made and of the highest quality, as well as delivering on superior taste profiles.

On the Saffron Road, we have RESPECT FOR ALL. We care about people and our environment. We minimize our impact on the planet and we support family-owned farms, responsible fishery, and raising animals with compassionate care.

Our journey is fueled by CULINARY PASSION. Our values hold us to exceptional standards to help us be a leader in premium, natural and organic foods.

We have a CURIOUS SPIRIT and can’t wait to see what we discover next—new foods, new flavors or new ingredients. We love learning about different cultures and meeting different people.

We are a socially conscious company that believes in lifting up others. We want to help bridge the gaps that separate us and we want to leave our planet better off than we found it.

The name Saffron Road is inspired by the legendary Silk Road, the trade route that unified the ancient world for 3,000 years. Today we’re hoping to bring the world together again, deploying ethical consumerism through clean foods, a device for cultural harmony.

Halal and kosher, vegan and meat lover, nutrition and flavor, the traditional and the modern—they’re all part of the Saffron Road and our Journey to Better.

Saffron Road. Journey to Better.