Tariq Farid Board of Directors

Tariq Farid is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edible Arrangements International, the pioneer and purveyor of high quality, artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements. He is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and for the licensing of new franchises across the United States and around the globe.

Tariq was born in Pakistan in 1969 and immigrated to the United States when he was 11. He grew up in West Haven, Connecticut, and became a U.S. citizen in 1986.

As a teenager, Tariq worked in a local McDonald’s for several years, and it was there he learned the power of business systemization. Soon after, in the late 1980s, his entrepreneurial experience began when at age 17 he used a $5,000 loan from his parents to purchase a local flower shop. Within two years, Tariq was operating four highly successful stores.

He launched the first Edible Arrangements® store in 1999 in East Haven, Connecticut. He was inspired by the convergence of three trends: Americans’ growing consumption of fresh fruit, the robust growth in the specialty food market, and the increasing amount of
money Americans were spending on gifts.

The first Edible Arrangements® franchise location opened in 2001 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Fifteen years later, Edible Arrangements® has grown to more than 1,100 stores worldwide, and Tariq’s involvement with franchisees has been a hallmark of the company’s success story. He regularly spends time in the stores to stay in contact with franchisees and guests, and to understand the unique day-to-day challenges each store faces in an ever-changing marketplace.

The same year Edible Arrangements® opened its first franchise, Tariq founded Netsolace, Inc., a computer software distributor for the franchise industry. A self-taught computer whiz, he designed all the computer systems that Edible Arrangements® franchisees use in their day-to-day operations, including order processing, training manuals, production and profitability tracking, and supply chain management.

Tariq established the Tariq Farid Foundation as a way to support causes both at home and around the world. The Foundation’s contributions have benefited dozens of programs and services, including hospitals, schools, community centers, soup kitchens and revitalization efforts, as well as organizations addressing poverty, childhood cancer and leadership opportunities for youth. Tariq also started Edible Cares® as a way for Edible Arrangements® stores and Corporate offices to give back on both the local and national level.

This included the establishment of the Edible Cares® Fund, which provides needed assistance to Edible Arrangements® store employees, friends and families in times of extreme need – whether due to natural disasters, family misfortunes, illness or other causes.