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  • Hello, I first saw your products at Sprouts Farmers Market here in southern California. I am a regular shopper there. It's true that your frozen meals are less sodium than many mainstream brands. I usually aim for less than 500 mg of sodium per meal. This is comparable to the low sodium options of natural food brands such as Amy's Kitchen and Dr Praegers. But overall, I really admire your commitment to natural, antibiotic-free, grass-fed and more wholesome options, etc. Thank you.
  • Just tried your product for the first time. I purchased the Pad Thai. I haven't even finished eating it yet and I had to stop to write you.  It is sooo good! I have a hard time finding a good pad Thai at a restaurant so I can't believe how good this TV dinner is! Just had to tell you what an awesome job you guys are doing! Thanks!
    Michelle Cole
    Michelle ColeMarietta, Ga
  • I have never tried Saffron Road foods before, I do not follow a Halal diet, but I love Tika Masala! I am always skeptical of frozen meals, as I have had some, we will call them "interesting" experiences with frozen meals in the past. Bland sauces, crunchy or mushy pastas/rice, chicken that should be called anything but chicken, I am sure you have experienced the same. When I chose the Tika Masala frozen meal, purchased at my local Target, I can tell you, I was skeptical, to say the least. I literally just finished eating the Tika Masala, and had to contact you guys immediately! Not only was this the best frozen meal I have ever had, it is also probably the best Tika Masala I have ever had! The rice was probably better than anything I have cooked at home, the chicken was REAL chicken (not mystery meat pieces combined with various fillers, and tagged "chicken"), and the sauce - oh the delicious sauce! The sauce was actually BETTER than the Tika Masala simmer sauces at local specialty food store! I just want to thank you guys for making this delicious meal - I will definitely be a repeat customer!!
    Heather Brown
  • I love your Chicken pad thai and Lamb Saag. Actually I like all of your products but I buy what is available.
  • I just wanted to thank Saffron Road for making it easy for me to keep a Halal diet. I love to cook but am unfortunately very busy and can't always make broths from scratch. Your Halal broths have made it so convenient for me cook the recipes I want, with the convenience that until now could only be had with store bought non Halal products. Thank you so very much. May Allah give you ajar and success in your endeavors.
  • We have a great Mongolian Beef Pot restaurant in our town. It is quite expensive, therefore, as an alternative I picked up the Saffron Road Beef Bulgogi. Boy, so happy I did. I can now have my fave restaurant meal anytime I want at home. The beef was succulent, the veggies perfectly cook and you provided healthy brown rice. I can't wait to try other items in your line. Thanks for making my life easier.
    VickieWest Palm Beach, FL

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