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  • We love your food so much! My family is really enjoying the new products that we have found lately. They are so much better then other frozen foods. We especially love your Chicken Pad Thai ! It would be wonderful if we could receive any coupons to help save on your products. Thank you!
    Elizabeth T. x
    Elizabeth T. xElizabeth T. from Lubbock, TX
  • Thanks for making awesome vegetarian products. I just moved from Florida to Chicago and there has been lots of changes in brands I am used to and stores I shop at but I am so happy to know I can still get my favorite products here, and I am actually finding a lot of flavors here we have never been able to find before. Also being able to purchase it in my local grocery store makes it more convenient then driving all the way to Whole foods every time. Thanks again for making yummy products!
    Tricia C.
    Tricia C. from Chicago, IL
  • Hello, I just prepared and ate one of your Beef Bulgogi frozen meals. It was VERY good and I enjoyed every bite ! I found it at my local Target store and now I am going to tell a bunch of my friends about your excellent products. Thank you for your efforts !
    Ed F.
    Ed F.
  • I just tried one of your products ( Lemongrass Basil Chicken)and it was delicious! Thank you so much for a frozen dinner without the extra salt!!
    Pamela M.
    Pamela M. from Sarasota, FL
  • Dear Saffron Road team, I just wanted to thank you for the great products you have. I really enjoy them and I also am so happy they are halal certified! My favorite is the Lemon Basil Chicken 🙂 Thanks again.
    Ekram O.
    Ekram O.
  • For the past few months now I have been eating your Halal frozen dinners for lunches at work. They are full of flavor with none of the chemicals and preservatives that are in foods everywhere. I have been noticing in myself more energy, better feeling and some weight loss as well. As a Christian, eating foods of this nature makes me feel that this is the types of Food that was eaten during the days of early Christianity and the regions around at that time. It makes me feel more connected to not only my God, but also to the peoples of the middle east as well. Many thanks for making these foods. I look forward to trying and tasting new products that you might have coming out soon.
    Ron D.
    Ron D. from Lowell, MA

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