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  • I just saw for the first time your chicken tenders on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg and I have to say they were delicious. I have been gluten free now for 8 years and it is such a joy to experience old foods which I once so loved all over again. I only eat naturally raised meats and I thank you for being so conscientious with this choice. With many thanks and appreciation.
    Helen N.
    Helen N.from Brooklyn, NY
  • I just discovered your frozen dinners. I have had the Lemongrass Basil Chicken and the Mac n Cheese and they are DELICIOUS! I love how they are not too full of sodium as that tends to keep me away from frozen foods. Thank you!
    Mary Lou G.
    Mary Lou G.from Seattle, WA
  • I tried your Moroccan Lamb stew today for the first time and just wanted to let you know it was the best frozen entree I have ever eaten! I cook lamb stew from scratch and was expecting to be disappointed, but it was delicious. I can't wait to try some of your other options. Thank you for making such a great product!
    Jennifer J.
    Jennifer J.from Opelika, AL
  • It wasn't so long ago that I was a new cook, afraid to try a lot of new flavors and styles of cooking. I longed to find products that would help me out and build my confidence - and that tasted great too. Saffron Road Food has filled this very needed gap in the marketplace. It's so wonderful to find authentic, flavorful, global cuisine that is all natural and halal. The products help me on nights when I just can't come up with a new idea and I know that for the new cook they are a great stepping stone to try new things.
    Amanda Mouttaki
    Amanda MouttakiOwner, MarocMama.com
  • Saffron Road is committed to embodying a comprehensive meaning of Halal. I have visited their sustainable livestock farms and production facilities. Through my personal observations of their procedures, practices, and protocols I am certain Saffron Road follows the strictest zabihah halal standards. Because they are driven by strong ethical morals and traditional
    Dawood Yasin
    Dawood YasinMuslim Advisor & Coordinator of Service Trips - Dartmouth College
  • I love that Saffron Road not only offers delicious, healthy food, but that they stand firm in their values. As a mom, this is the ultimate win-win.
    Sasha Martin
    Sasha MartinGlobal Table Adventure

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