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  • My boys and I have fallen in love with the chicken tikka masala and the chicken biryani! Before finding your delicious food they would not touch Indian style food. Now they cannot get enough of it. It tastes so good and seems to be very healthy. We have tried a couple other types but the above-mentioned two meals are outstanding! Keep up the great work! Thanks.
  • Tonight I FINALLY used the Lemongrass Basil Simmer Sauce that I bought some time ago. It was SUPERB!! I highly recommend this. My husband is Swedish and does NOT like "heat" so I usually have to persuade him to try a Thai dish. Relying on the Lemon Basil description of quite mild, I prepared this with fresh local shrimp and a thawed lobster tail. I made short grain rice and a mixed sauteed/steamed vegetable dish including mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions and garlic (sauteed) and then added frozen snow peas and whole green beans to steam. But the sensational part of the meal was the Seafood with the Lemongrass Basil sauce -- I cooked the seafood just as instructed on the package. I REALLY want to make this for company!
  • Saffron Road's Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce is hands down the best sauce mix that you can buy in the grocery store. No brand comes closer in consistency, spice and overall aroma. I was wowed by the heat level. It's up there with the restaurants in our area.
  • Your Simmer sauces are the finest, fastest, and most satisfying way to enjoy a great dinner meal or lunch. I love the fact that they are so low in carbohydrates and need absolutely NOTHING when used as directed. No Naan or Roadies for me, though, low carb tortillas fill in nicely. Please offer more spicy delights! Well done.
    Alan K
  • Your frozen meals taste like home-cooked food put in the freezer. They're soooooo good!!!! They are the best frozen dinners. Peace and Love.
    Reverend Carmella E. Braico
  • I live in a small Colorado Mountain town, AND our Kroger store carries your frozen entrees! They are sooo authentic and TASTY , I buy and eat them 5 times a week!🤩. There is not “1” I do not like! Thank you, Saffron Road, I am not only a lifetime fan BUT a 5-day weekly FAN. 😁

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