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  • I picked up a box couple of days ago from Costco, and this morning I woke up tired and hungry and the first thing I saw on the kitchen counter was your awesome Chana Masala so yes, here you have it, I had it for breakfast lol and the moment I opened the pouch and saw the size of those chickpeas, the evidence was staring at me in the face. This product is going to be succulent and succulent it was. Great nuttiness, balanced flavor, beautiful color, the whole experience was delightful. Thank you for putting out such a wonderful product and indeed your products are the genuine article in a world full of imitations.
    Marwan C.
    Marwan C.
  • your chicken pad thai is the best i've ever tasted! thank goodness there are finally some frozen meals out there that are actually seasoned...and delicious! Most of the frozen dinners i've bought in the past were basically tasteless, with little to no seasoning. If you didn't know what you were eating, you didn't know! I LOVE the pad thai.....as someone else said, it's better than in most restaurants. I'll have to try your other meals, but i enjoy the pad thai so much that i keep buying only that. thank you for making such great products, and PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGE THEM! if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it to save money...that never works!
  • Our favorite Saffron Road Products are Saag paneer and Low sodium Vegetable broth.I always keep these handy because we never know when we might have unexpected company in our house and we might need something easy and quick. I make stew using the Broth. Lamb stew recipe is from your website but I omit lamb and use all the other ingredients it is yummy and tasty, we dip some bread in and soak up the stew that is delicious and full of flavor.
  • I'm all for quick and easy meals, but a lot of frozen products I've tried just weren't anything special...the same old same old: tough meat, skimpy on other ingredients, blah sauces. I saw Saffron Road's Lamb Saag with Basmati Rice and Spinach in the freezer case, and was surprised because I seldom saw any frozen meals containing lamb. I tried it tonight and was very pleased and impressed. Very nice flavor, with the 'Authentic Herbs and Tumeric'. It was just right, filled with delicious ingredients! I am so glad to have new options; I plan on trying some of your products every week! Thank you
    Sarah C.
  • I absolutely love all of the Korean cuisine!! They all taste so good!!
    Karri D
    Karri D
  • I honestly believe you have what it take to make a wonderful success out of your new Business.......as your flavors are like no other brand, being sophisticated, appealing to an age old touch that has been missing in the Food market of today!!! In my Book "You Are Hired", and I dearly Hope other companies other than Safeway, will soon Stock their shelves with your fine products!!!
    Elizabeth A.
    Elizabeth A.Honolulu, Hawaii

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