Jack Acree to Participate in Industry-Leading Intensive

Jack Acree to Participate in Industry-Leading Intensive

SAFFRON ROAD® LEADERSHIP TO PARTICIPATE IN INDUSTRY-LEADING INTENSIVEJack Acree to Assist in Leading One-Day Course on All Things Specialty Food for Newcomers to the Food Business.

STAMFORD, CT – Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of American Halal Company and Saffron Road®, a leading brand in the natural and organic products industry, will help lead the Specialty Food Association’s annual and highly acclaimed intensive workshop, “The Basics: The Business of Specialty Food” at the organization’s Summer Fancy Food show in New York City.  Celebrated as the association’s longest running education session at the annual conference, the experience will welcome more than 100 budding food entrepreneurs who are eager to learn about the nuts and bolts of the specialty food business, overall. The event is planned for Friday, June 29, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is focused on helping young food brands and their leaders to better understand the fundamentals of the market while increasing the knowledge base of new food brands.

Acree heads up Saffron Road’s sales, marketing and operational strategies, and has successfully built two of the fastest growing startups in the natural foods business – which now deliver well over $50 million in sales – Terra Chips® (Hain Foods) and Alexia Foods® (ConAgra Foods).  He will share his expertise while working to assist food entrepreneurs in attendance in navigating the food industry.  Topics to be explored include: how to build your brand, selling to supermarkets and specialty retailers, working with brokers and distributors and more. Acree will be joined in the workshop by additional industry veterans, including Doug Renfro, Tim Metzger and Brad Van Dam.

For more information on the session, visit the Specialty Food Association at specialtyfood.com. To learn more about Saffron Road overall, including the brand’s new snack products, please visit saffronroad.com. You can also follow the brand on Facebook at facebook.com/saffronroadfood, on Twitter at twitter.com/saffronroadfood, on Pinterest at pinterest.com/saffronroadfood or on Instagram at Instagram.com/saffronroadfood.


About Saffron Road
The Saffron Road brand is wholly owned by American Halal Company, Inc. and is a leading brand in the natural and organic food industry, offering a wide range of products from frozen entrées to pluses and legume (plant-based) protein snacks which are natural, organic, sustainable and healthy (NOSH). Saffron Road Products are also Halal-certified by IFANCA and are available in more than 15,000 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. Most importantly, Saffron Road is a socially responsible brand on a mission of collective progress for the betterment of humanity, by inspiring, connecting and respecting global citizens through a shared love of ethical World Cuisines.  With Saffron Road, consumers can explore adventurous cuisines that combine bold, clean flavors from around the world with high quality, wholesome ingredients which are better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the animals, better for your health, and most all better tasting. Saffron Road. Journey to Better™.