Adnan Durrani to Participate in Industry-Leading Intensive

Adnan Durrani to Participate in Industry-Leading Intensive

Saffron Road® Leadership to Participate in Industry-Leading Intensive

Adnan Durrani to Assist in Leading One-Day Course on Bridging Profit & Purpose: A Convening of Business Leaders and Impact Investors

STAMFORD, CT (August 8, 2018) – Adnan Durrani, CEO and Founder of American Halal Company and Saffron Road®, a leading brand in the natural and organic products industry, will help lead the Investor’s Circle-Social Venture Network’s (IC-SVN) annual and highly acclaimed intensive workshop. This year’s workshop, “Bridging Profit & Purpose: A Convening of Business Leadership & Impact Investors,” will be held in Brooklyn, NY. Investors’ Circle-Social Venture Network builds and serves communities of inspired and informed impact investors and business leaders to make social, economic and environmental change. Join Adnan this November for a special fireside conversation where he’ll go in depth on his successes, challenges, and pivotal moments throughout his unique and inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

The four-day event is planned for Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its focus is to create an environment where the real challenges, insights and best practices of leading mission-driven businesses and engaging in impact investing can be discussed and put into action. IC-SVN conferences facilitate peer-to-peer relationship building, and create a community where attendees can enhance their leadership, improve their businesses, build their portfolios and expand their impact.

Durrani is CEO & Founder of American Halal Co, Inc.— which markets the Saffron Road brand line of world cuisine meals, sauces and better for you plant based protein snacks, sold in all Whole Foods stores and over 20,000 grocery stores nationally. Adnan has been a pioneer in establishing quantitative proof that socially conscious and economically-just business models can yield exponential triple bottom line profits. He founded Vermont Pure and Crystal Rock, the second largest bottled water company in the Northeast United States. Adnan was also a financial partner in Stonyfield Farms, Inc., and a former Director of Maple Hill Creamery. He has been the featured in numerous publications, such as The Wall Street JournalForbesNY TimesFortune, MSNBC, Bloomberg and CNN.

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About Saffron Road
The Saffron Road brand is wholly owned by American Halal Company, Inc. and is a leading lifestyle brand in the natural and organic food industry, offering a wide range of products from frozen entrées to better for you legume (plant-based) protein snacks which are natural, organic, sustainable and healthy (NOSH). Saffron Road Products are also Halal-certified by IFANCA and are available in more than 20,000 retail locations in the U.S. Most importantly, Saffron Road is a socially responsible brand on a mission of collective progress for the betterment of humanity, by inspiring, connecting and respecting global citizens through a shared love of ethical World Cuisines. With Saffron Road, consumers can explore adventurous cuisines that combine bold, clean flavors from around the world with high quality, wholesome ingredients which are better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the animals, better for your health, and most all better tasting. Saffron Road. Journey to Better™.

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