Saffron Road Introduces New Mexican Line

Saffron Road Introduces New Mexican Line

Saffron Road Introduces New Mexican Line

Brand Expands World Cuisine Offerings with Authentic Frozen Entrees

STAMFORD, Conn. (February 3, 2015) – Today, Saffron Road™, the fastest growing brand of All Natural frozen Entrees, is introducing a new line of frozen meals inspired by the rich culinary heritage of traditional Mexican cuisine.

The launch comes as part of the brand’s commitment to bringing globally-inspired cuisine to Americans and this line marks the brand’s first venture into Mesoamerica.

The four new frozen entrees are:

Enchiladas Al Chipotle – The Mesoamerican civilization of the mighty Maya flowered in Mexico’s Yucatan.  Journey on the Saffron Road and relish traditional flavors and robust spices of this ancient   civilization. One bite of our enchiladas served with mesquite black beans and garlic rice and you too will be a Mesoamericana.

Achiote Roasted Chicken – The Achiote tree has been prized in Latin America for millennia. The Aztecs dried its colorful annatto seeds to create a mild culinary spice, often concocting a traditional   paste used in Yucatecan and Oaxacan fare. You’ll discover it gives our succulent chicken a deliciously savory flavor that’s seductively addictive. Especially when it’s surrounded with colorful grilled squash and fire-roasted corn.

Chicken Enchiladas Poblano  – The Mexican poblano chile pepper is called “chile ancho” or wide chile, and was harvested in the Mexican “Baroque” Spanish colony of Puebla, where residents still call themselves Poblanos. These mildly spicy green peppers are silky smooth and the perfect accompaniment to tender dark meat chicken rolled into authentic Yucatecan Nixtamal corn tortillas with leafy spinach and delicious Oaxaca cheese.

Beef Chile Colorado – From mild to seriously spicy, Mexico is rich in chile peppers. But few are as beloved and as popular as the guajillo, with its berry flavor overtones and which we use to make the deep flavorful red sauce called “Colorado.” We’re proud to offer our own epicurean Chile Colorado with tender sirloin beef and a colorful mélange of peppers, grilled squash and fire-roasted corn.

Each of the entrees is served with mesquite black beans and garlic rice.

Always demonstrating their commitment to authenticity and premium quality, Saffron Road’s Culinary team developed the recipes for the four new entrees in partnership with Chef Gabbi Patrick of Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen in Orange, CA.  Chef Patrick is dedicated to integrating modern cuisine with the indigenous and traditional recipes from her home country of Mexico. A strong supporter of local farming and an avid traveler, her passion and vision are reflected in every detail of her craft.

We are so excited to finally debut our epicurean Mexican line,” says Adnan Durrani, founder and CEO of Saffron Road.Gabbi is the ultimate culinary maestro. She exclusively developed for Saffron Road a rich Meso-American product line with a robustly authentic Yucatan heritage. Gabbi’s is the #1 rated Mexican restaurant by Zagat and she is renowned for her evolution of complex European gastronomy with indigenous Mexican fare. We spent 2 years developing these aspirational Mexican products and believe we are once again raising the bar of Mexican cuisines to a higher plain on the Saffron Road.”

“Saffron Road’s new Mexican-style products are unlike anything currently in the freezer section. Our products offer old world style, hand rolled Nixtamal tortillas, native spices, humanely raised protein and home-style recipes that will surprise and delight consumers. We continue to hear from consumers that they want protein in their Entrees, and that they want it to be raised in a responsible and sustainable way.” says Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of Saffron Road.

And Chef Gabbi commented by saying, “Working with the Saffron Culinary team to develop a high quality line of Mexican frozen entrees was such a pleasure. The team’s commitment to the authenticity, flavor, and true essence of the cuisine is what makes their products the best. Buen Provecho.”

The Mexican entrees are certified both Halal and Gluten Free. They are launching nationally on April 1st and will be available in frozen aisle at Whole Foods Market® and other premier retailers for the suggested retail price of $5.99.